Welcome to Ginger Kroft’s clarinet studio

Ginger Kroft inspires students to develop independence, imagination, and connection through clarinet lessons.  Students have numerous opportunities for development and challenge.  

For clarinet lessons, CLICK on this form to reach Ms. Kroft.  She is on faculty at San Francisco Conservatory of Music and Santa Clara University; and maintains a private teaching studio in the South Bay.

SPRING 2020 –>
Our world is changing and I hope that you & your family are safe and well. Music must continue to enrich our lives.  ClarinetStudio lessons have shifted to online. CLICK on this form to reach Ms. Kroft.

“I have a vision for each student and tailor an enriching program of technique and artistry.  My studio is built on meaningful and process-oriented goals.  The result … students leave each lesson with a satisfaction and curiosity to drive their studies for the coming week.”