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Welcome to ClarinetStudio.org, an online resource for inspiration and imagination.

My teaching philosophy is Accuracy, Relevance and Consistency: guiding students to effective practice sessions and meaningful performances. Clarinet lessons are tailored to meet each student at his or her musical and technical levels. I engage each student’s creativity, teaching how to practice efficiently and to perform with confidence.

Clarinet Studio students perform in youth orchestras as members and concerto competition winners. Clarinet students also perform in school band programs and with All-State Honor bands.

I accept new students throughout the year. For those interested, I encourage you to call or email me with questions.
Upcoming Performances

NPR's "From the Top"
performs in San Francisco:

Hear local young musicians (ages 8-18) perofrm for a radio broadcast.This program highlights the progress of each child and includes an interview, where students tell us about their everyday lives. Every person (child and adult) can connect with these performers.

Click here for "From the Top" program & ticket info

All-State Honor Band

Congratulations to the following studio members who won chairs in the
2015 All-State Honor Band!

Serena Ang
Cynthia Hao
Darren Huang
Albert Li
Tiffany Tian
Lawrence Tsai
Bryan Wong
Alex Yang

Click here for All-State
concert information

All-County Honor Band

The following studio members
won chairs in the 2015
All-County Honor Band:

Bryan Wong
Michelle Zhang


Click here for All-County concert and future auditions